About us

The Stellar Ascension Academy is the result of a powerful calling that was received by Stellar and John in 2017.

They came together in a powerful hiero-gamic mission to create an Earthly academy that would teach love, The Cosmic Mother and Father essence and Divine Sovereignty for the liberation and ascension of planet Earth, and create golden pathway protocols for personal individual ascension.

Since then, they have dedicated their lives to helping others achieve their own personal ascension liberation. Through their work at the Stellar Ascension Academy, they have helped countless people awaken to their true divine nature and reclaim their power as divine sovereign beings of light.


Stellar and John

are two of the most highly respected Universal Ascension specialists, helping people to personally ascend and evolve on an individual basis.

Sacred Songstress Stellar

Sacred Songstress Stellar

Is a direct sound channel for the New Divine Feminine philosophy and Magdalene Consciousness. Her music is scientifically proven to restore vitality and vibrancy, as well as a sense of peace & calm. She is the author of the New Magdalene Codex – a guidebook for personal empowerment and how to walk into the New Earth Vibration with Love and an Open Heart.
Walk-in soul John is a Divine Lawgiver for the New Earth, with his Beloved holding the Divine Sovereignty codes for planetary and universal ascension. Together they offer hope and guidance for those who wish to return to an authentic state of divine sovereignty in these exciting times.