The Pearl of Ascension in Every Human Heart

The Ascension process is the releasing of dense frequencies stored within the physical body and finding the true wisdom of the ages inside your human heart. This is known as the Pearl of Ascension.

Many who have joined us on the Hieros Gamos Online retreats have been able to shed and collapse the burdens, contracts and densities that have kept them bound, through trauma and heavy emotional frequencies. Once we collapse the black cube of programmed consciousness within us, we get the opportunity to co-create a super-conscious field of True Light. This is what we are all striving for and it is so simple, you will laugh at how simple it is. It’s called Love. ❤ But how do we be this Love in every breath?

Once this shedding occurs, there is a new lightness of being, a new lens and frequency of consciousness emerges that expands us into the next level of awakening and ascension. Once our points of view turn into “direct knowing” and “direct truth” from the God and Goddess Self merged in Divine Union a new physiology starts to emerge. A new you starts to materialise. This is all part of the ascension. At this level we are able to feel more love, more joy and more of the higher octaves of light that the ascension process is offering us, which means to be free of all entanglements of frequencies that contract your light in all dimensions and the tools are here right now for you to do just that. ❤ Glory Be. Hallelujah!

We are now going to go deeper into the sacred union within, deeper into the true sacred marriage of the oneness within the sacred bridal chamber or the pearl of the human heart. The True Magnificence of the Heaven on Earth Vibration. Whilst we are focusing on a heart-led new reality, our physical bodies also need the upgrades of the 7th Dimensional consciousness of Gaia-Sophia. This is happening automatically as we ascend higher and higher into new octaves of light, however our physical bodies need some extra assistance to fully embody the true frequency of the conscious creation of Heaven on Earth.

In this 2 day event we will be exploring into the emotional light body, clearing and cleansing this energetic body that have kept false programs running. Our emotional light bodies have been truly beaten up and bruised and need extra care and it feels like we are going through a death process in order to activate the eternal life process. Only the Brave!

We will also address the physical body and integrating the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine/hormonal, autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems, as these inner mechanics of physiology are directly linked to ascension. The human body is now ready for the super-human DNA codes. These are now fully activated in the super-conscious field and all we have to do is receive, allow and integrate.

We will be facilitating what supports these bodily systems and how to align nutrition to further support this integration.

We will be bringing through the Gaia-Sophia Codings and emanate upgrades that will assist in this shift.

The Heart is also expanding with a 5th ventricle of consciousness that is allowing more love to be emanated at this time, individually and collectively.

This is the 13th wave of planetary and galactic ascension and where we are going has never been experienced before in a human body. Historically much has been done to stop this process and that day is over. Nothing is going to stop the ascension process and you are it!

So it is time to come and sit within the Sacred Union of your Divine Sacred Heart and become the Zero-Point frequency that brings everything into alignment for the next part of the ascension process. And it is very big indeed.

What awaits us is so beautiful and with a little bit of extra assistance we can achieve the ascension trajectory that is in complete alignment with our souls journey of ascension.

We look forward to seeing you to align you with the highest timeline potential possible during this process. ❤

In Love, Grace, Empathy and deep Compassion. FACEBOOK INFORMATION: The Pearl of Ascension in Every Human Heart