Membership Levels


Ruby Membership - Newsletter of news, updates, music and events
- Access to private members area, teachings, recordings, video library and podcasts
- 5 % discount on workshops and events
- 5 % discount on products

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Emerald Membership - Newsletter of news, updates, music and events.
- Access to private members area teachings, recordings, video library and podcasts.
- 20% discount on workshops and events.
- 20% discount on products.
- Become a member of the White Flame Charitable Trust, Glastonbury.
- Bi-weekly (every two weeks) interactive Zoom personal group ascension with Q&A Stellar & John and various guests.
- Private invitation to join Stellar, John & Team on worldly ascension assignments and ceremonies world wide.

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Exclusive Divine Sovereign Membership - Weekly Private Live access to John and Stellar and guidance on
- How to build Divine Sovereign Communities.
- Healing Centres
- New Earth Creator Communities
- Redemption consultancy

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A percentage of the profits will go to the White Flame Charitable Trust to assist in the Teachings of Isis Beloved to be brought out into the world and to maintain a very sacred property on the foot of the Tor in Glastonbury.

All other profits will show transparent accounting whereby the money will be used to assist the less fortunate and will be held in the Divine Mother’s trust to be distributed to projects that help create the New Earth and ease the suffering of humanity and the animal kingdoms.